My name is Johannes T. Evans, my pronouns are he/him/his, and I'm an author from the South of Wales, now living on the West Coast of Ireland. My name, Johannes, is pronounced Yo-Han-Ehz. 

Much of my work explores themes of queer and trans identity, disability and neurodivergence, the importance of community, and societal and interpersonal power dynamics. As a gay trans man with what I think is ADHD, these themes are particularly important to me. 

My background is actually in writing fanfiction, and for many years I swapped between different fandoms, writing a variety of fanfic based around different characters and worlds. As the years went by and my writing skills improved, I felt less and less satisfied writing fanfiction, and began writing more complex AUs (Alternate Universes) and OCs (Original Characters). 

This led to me, in the past few years, focusing more time into building my own universes and characters, and this transition culminated in my publishing my first novel, Heart of Stone, at the end of July, 2020. 

Since then, I've expanded my work into publishing a variety of TweetFic, short stories, serials, the majority of which are set in the same universe.



I write in a variety of formats, and for the most part I write on two main worlds. 

One, Magic Beholden, is a version of Earth with magical dimensions and peoples living alongside - typically in secrecy or semi-secrecy - mundane dimensions and peoples.

The other, the Dragonplanet, is a different planet with a more high fantasy focus where magic is the default.

I write:

  • Serials - My serials are novels that are published chapter-by-chapter as they are written, and upon completion, they are re-edited and republished as eBooks.

    Serials are always free for everyone to read as they are being written, and remain up for people to read in their original state after novels are published. 

    My current most popular and longest serial is Powder and Feathers.

  • Short Stories - I write short stories of varying lengths across a variety of genres, primarily in contemporary fantasy, romance, erotica, and horror. 

    While it is my ambition to later publish collections of short stories centred around particular themes, at the moments my shorts are primarily published to my Patreon and my Medium, where they can be read with a subscription to either my Patreon or a general Medium subscription.

  • Occasional Essays and Thinkpieces - I sometimes write pieces of critical analysis and essays, which are typically posted on Patreon and Medium.