While I do not take them regularly, I do take commissions from time to time. Typically, I take commissions from those I already have a working relationship with. My focus is fantasy fiction, but I do also write horror, erotica, romance, and  other genres. 

For commissions I would need to take an initial pitch for the idea, and then I'd want to discuss the project and the client's expectations more specifically, ideally over voice chat or DMs rather than over emails. Commissions are something I tend to take to challenge myself, so I don't at all mind doing something unusual or out of my comfort zone.

  • my commission rates are between €0.04-€0.07 per word depending on project length and complexity

  • there's no surcharge for an explicit rating or erotica - higher rates would be for particularly challenging subject matter, especially horror or subjects that are traumatic in nature and take more time and delicacy to execute

  • I do not write other people's characters for commissions; I write only original characters, either newly created for the project or from my existing character roster, and/or characters in the public domain

  • commissions are published publicly upon completion either on my own platforms (Patreon, Medium, etc) or temporary exclusive publication rights can be discussed at the time of commission

  • for longer projects I would take a deposit with full payment upon completion

As I said, I do take commissions to challenge myself and I am open to writing a variety of themes but please note that I reserve the right to refuse a commission at any time - my reasons are my own and I will not necessarily justify a refusal except to advise it is not possible for me to fulfill the commission at the time.


I am open to doing collaborations with other creators, and I would welcome the chance to work closely with someone else to execute a shared creative vision, on a case-by-case basis. 

For artists, I would be interested in developing web comic or similar ideas together - please note that I do not mean working with an artist to create illustrations of any of my current works, but instead that I would be interested in co-authoring a project for which we would share both the labour and the reward, and share both creative control and, if applicable, any royalties for the project. 

I'd also be absolutely open to contributing to other projects such as narrative podcasts or games as a freelance contributor. 

Events & Appearances

I'm always happy to do events, especially Q&As, book club appearances, writing workshops, and the like, especially when conducted online. I'm also always happy to do interviews or join in with podcasts and other live events as a guest.

Depending on the length and challenge of the event and the current business of my schedule I may ask for a small fee for my time. 

I'm medically vulnerable and my attendance at face to face events would be dependent on relevant guidelines at the time, as well as ease of travel, once I have been fully vaccinated. I am not in a position to pay for my own travel to attend events outside of County Galway and for performances in the East or the North, and/or abroad, I would need to be paid travel and accommodation expenses. 

For all events, including local ones, I would ask that you contact me to ask as to my attendance as soon as possible, as I like to have my calendar planned at least 2 - 3 months in advance at the very minimum where possible.

Republication & Adaptation

If you are a member of a press or publication and you would like permission to republish any of my short stories or essays, please get in contact with the piece(s) you would be interested in republishing and we can negotiate a fee - I know republishing fees are often between 2 - 4 cents per word, but depending on the length and age of the piece and the size of the publication I'm also happy to negotiate a flat fee. 

If you are interested in adapting for profit or for your professional portfolio one of my short stories (e.g. as a comic, in animation, in audio format, etc) or any of my characters (e.g. creating merchandise), please get into contact and we can discuss publication rights.

This does not apply to fanworks that are created and published not-for-profit - I'm perfectly happy to be tagged in art of any of my characters, and the rule of thumb for podfic of any of my shorts is that if they're publicly available (e.g. a TweetFic), you can feel free to adapt them with appropriate credit; if they are behind a paywall (e.g. Patreon or Medium), please refrain.

Other Enquiries

I am not at this time seeking representation, and am not soliciting agents. 

If you run a charity or not-for-profit organisation, and/or if you run a Welsh or trans/queer-oriented organisation, and you're worried about paying fees, please do let me know in your enquiry.


It's part of my creative mandate as an artist to uplift other trans and queer creators, especially other trans mascs, and especially for smaller organisations (presses, podcasts, book clubs, etc), and I may be able to waive any fees - I'm similarly motivated by Welsh pride. 


Feel free to get in touch directly if you'd like to ask any questions about my work or my availability, although I would recommend checking both my FAQ and my Services page as I may already have answered your question. 

I try to respond to contacts within 4 - 7 days.

Please note that I am based out of the West of Ireland and that as a medically vulnerable person I'm unlikely to be travelling very far afield soon, but that I am always happy to work with people calls and via video. 

Thanks for submitting!