Where can I support your work?

The best way you can support my work is by sharing it, commenting on and reviewing it, and telling your friends! My books are here on GoodReads.

You can purchase my books either on Amazon or on Smashwords. Please note that most of my works are published on Smashwords, but not Amazon.

As well as following my work on Twitter, where I regularly publish TweetFic, you can subscribe to access all of my short stories and the majority of my non-fiction work on Patreon.

If you have a Medium subscription, the work I have posted there is accessible as part of your Medium subscription of $5 per work. 

You can also tip me on Ko-Fi

Why do you publish your work in the way that you do?

I publish TweetFic and serials which are free for everyone to read, and my short stories are available on Patreon for $3+ per month, or with one's Medium subscription for $5 per month. 

One of the reasons I like to publish the work I do the way that I do is because I struggle to focus purely on singular extended projects for long periods of time. I enjoy the freedom of being able to flit between different projects, characters, and plot lines at will, and this creative freedom allows me to remain energised and highly motivated to work.

I also work to ensure that my work is published in ways that are as accessible as possible for readers, for free or for very cheap, because it makes them accessible and easy to read.

There are a variety of reasons someone might struggle to read novels and books in a traditional manner, some of which are:

  • they work long hours and struggle to fit it in

  • they have specific tastes (read: they actually want to see queer characters, especially gay trans men) and don’t want to have to go digging or searching for them

  • especially when books are expensive and they don’t know if they’ll like them until they’re a while into them

  • they have executive dysfunction issues that make it difficult to “commit” to reading a whole book or consuming a whole piece of media

  • they struggle to concentrate on long-form pieces of fiction

  • some other reason entirely

Accessibility has always and will always be close to my heart, and it largely informs the way I write and publish.

You can read more of my thoughts on this matter in this article, Why I Give Away My Work For Free



Do you have an Amazon wishlist?

I do! It's here

Who are your favourite artists and/or your biggest creative influences?

My favourite book of all time is Victor Hugo's Les Misérables, and some of the works that had the greatest formative influence on me growing up, as well as this, were Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, the short stories of Roald Dahl, and particularly Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper.

Another favourite author is Terry Pratchett, specifically, his Discworld series. I also have great affection for the work of P.G. Wodehouse, particularly his Jeeves series, and Patrick O'Brien's Aubreyad.

My favourite films are Hook (1991, dir. Steven Spielberg), Down Periscope (1996, dir. David S. Ward), El Orfanato (2007, dir. J.A. Bayona), and Arachnophobia (1990, dir. Frank Marshall). My favourite director is Guillermo del Toro, and I have particular affection for his HellboyThe Shape of WaterCrimson Peak, and his work on The Strain



Feel free to get in touch directly if you'd like to ask any questions about my work or my availability. 

I try to respond to contacts within 4 - 7 days.

Please note that I am based out of the West of Ireland and that as a medically vulnerable person I'm unlikely to be travelling very far afield soon, but that I am always happy to work with people calls and via video. 

Thanks for submitting!